A pie is usually made in either a deep or shallow pie dish which is sometimes lined with pastry or other mixtures such as mashed potatoes, crumb crust (made with crushed biscuits and butter) or a cake mixture. If pastry is used to line a pie dish, SHORTCRUST is more suitable as it keeps drier and crisper.

Pics may be open-topped, i.e. the dish only is lined, or closed-topped when the filling is covered with pastry or other suitable topping.

Open-topped pies are sometimes called tarts or flans, the latter generally being made in a straight-sided flan ring. Well known open-topped pies are LEMON MERINGUE PIE, custard and syrup tart and fruit flans. Open-topped pies can also have savoury fillings, one of the best-known being the classic French dish, QUICHE LORRAINE. Individual tarts are made in small tartlet tins.

Meat, fish, poultry and game pies may have a double crust, pastry underneath and on top, or just on top. The covering helps to keep the filling moist and succulent. If the pic has pastry only on top then most pastries are suitable – PUFF

PASTRY makes a light, crisp and flaky topping which is a particularly pleasant contrast to a more solid filling. Fruit pies can also be made in this way.

Raised pics, such as pork and game, are made with HOT WATER CRUST PASTRY.

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