THE best and purest quality of vinegar should be used when pickling, and it should always be scalding hot.

If grated horseradish is mixed with pickles, it will prevent the formation of mould.

It is important to seal the pickles as tightly as possible. For this reason, boil the corks of the bottles, and while hot press them into the necks. This will render the containers air-tight, but a piece of linen should be tied over them to render safety doubly sure. Keep in a dry, coo! Place.

Apple Pickle

Grate an apple finely, and add the same quantity of minced onion and a few chopped chillies. Season with salt, and mix with sufficient vinegar to make into a thick paste. Serve for immediate use.

Apple Pickle (2)

Chop three pounds of Spanish onions after peeling, twenty or thirty apples, half a pound of raisins, and six shallots, very fine, and boil with three pints of vinegar, one pound of coarse brown sugar, a quarter of a pound of lump sugar, a quarter of a pound of salt, a tablespoonful of mustard seed, two ounces of cloves, a few peppercorns, and six chillies, the last-mentioned in a muslin bag. Boil until tender, remove the bag, and bottle.

Bengal Chutney

Boil two quarts of vinegar, a pound of onions, a pound and a half of apples, and half a pound of raisins, all chopped very fine, for two hours. Then add a quarter of a pound of ground ginger, one pound of coarse sugar, two teaspoon-fuls of cayenne pepper, half a pound of mustard seeds, and a little salt. Mix all together, and it is ready for use.

Marrow Pickle

Peel and slice two and a half pounds of vegetable marrow into small blocks, removing the seeds. Put in a large dish and sprinkle with salt. Let it stand for twelve hours and then drain in a cloth. To two pounds of marrow, weighed before salting, allow six chillies, a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar, half an ounce of turmeric, an ounce and a half of whole ginger, one and a quarter ounces of flour of mustard, and one quart of vinegar. Put all into a saucepan and bring to a boil. When boiling, stir in the marrow and boil again for twenty minutes. When cool, bottle and cover.

Pickled Beetroot

Wash some beet-roots, taking care not to damage the skin. Put into boiling water, and simmer. When three-parts done, remove the beetroots, and let them cool. Boil enough vinegar to cover with two ounces of allspice and the same amount of whole pepper to each gallon of vinegar, for ten minutes, and when cold pour over the beets, which have been cut in slices half an inch thick. Cover, and in a week the pickle is ready for use.

Pickled Mushrooms

Take some small button mushrooms, and rub each with a piece of flannel and salt. Put them into a pan, season with mace, pepper and salt. As the liquor comes out, shake them well. Keep over a gentle fire until all has dried into them again, then cover with vinegar, warm up, and bottle.

Pickled Onions

Place some peeled onions in a stew-pan of boiling water. Set them over the fire, and let them remain until quite clear, then remove them quickl , and place them between two cloths to dry. Boil some vinegar with some ginger and whole pepper, and when cold, pour it over the onions in glass jars, and seal.

Plum Chutney

Put in a saucepan, with enough vinegar to cover, four pounds of hard plums after they have been halved and stoned. Slowly bring to the boil and simmer. When tender, add one pound of sultanas, three pounds of Demerara sugar, four ounces of thinly-sliced onions, a quarter of a pound of common salt, half an ounce of ginger, half an ounce of allspice, and a teasnoonful of cayenne. Boil together for a few minutes, stirring continuously, pour into jars, and when cold, tie down.

Red Cabbage Pickle – Shred the cabbage into slendor shreds, place in layors, sprinkling each layer freely with salt, on a sieve. Allow it to remain two days, shaking the sieve at times to drain, and then put the contents in a jar. Boil one pint of vinegar with one teaspoonful of peppercorns, six cloves, a blade of mace, and a few slices of beetroot. While hot pour over the cabbage. When cold, cover up tightly.

Rhubarb Chutney

Cut up two pounds of rhubarb into very small shreds; peel two lemons, and cut the pulp up very finely, keeping out all the seeds; cut up one ounce of garlic in very small pieces; bruise one ounce of ginger. Put all into an enamelled pan or a preserving-pan contain-inga pint of vinegar, one pound of sultanas, two pounds of sugar, and one ounce of salt, and boil till it gets quite thick, stirring very often; then take out the pieces of ginger, and put into jars and cover. The jars should be kept for at least a month before using.

Tomato Ketchup

Sprinkle eight pounds of tomatoes with salt, and let them remain for forty-eight hours. After boiling them until the skins will separate easily, strain through a colander, and put into the liquid a handful of shallot onions, half a pint of vinegar, an ounce of cloves, one ounce of ginger, one ounce of allspice, and a little salt. Boil all together until reduced to one-third. Bottle and cork when cold.

Tomato Pickle

Steam one peck of green tomatoes till they are soft, then take one gallon of vinegar, six tablespoonfuls of whole cloves, one of allspice, two of salt, one of mace, one of cayenne pepper, and three of sugar. Boil the vinegar with the spices for ten minutes. Place the steamed tomatoes in jars, pour over them the spiced vinegar, and when cold,, tie down.

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