The Eastern philosophies of medicine all categorically state that the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, or any compound that effects the nervous system, will alter the levels of energy through the meridians or energy channels and, if not directly affecting the conception, will affect the pregnancy. Toxins specifically decrease the body’s kidney Qi or Chi – pronounced ‘chee’ – which is thought to be the body’s energy store and the main supplier of energy at times of conception and pregnancy. Each individual may have particular likes and dislikes, intolerances or even allergies that should be excluded prior to conceiving .

Successful conception relies upon a healthy sperm meeting a healthy egg. The nutritional status of both partners is paramount. The number of known toxins to both sperm and eggs is limited, namely: tobacco, alcohol and drugs (recreational or prescribed, including the contraceptive pill).


Tobacco is a known teratogen (capable of altering cell structure). Many studies have shown that infants of mothers who smoke are often preterm deliveries and underweight. There is no exception and no quantity that is safe. If you smoke, your baby will be affected to some extent and this effect may take place at any stage during conception and pregnancy. An intended father who smokes may actually causes more birth defects than a smoking mother-to-be by damaging the sp7erm before it leaves him. The motility (movement) of the sperm is also adversely affected.


I co-published a study in 1984 concerning the Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, which suggested that this potentially lethal and devastating effect by alcohol on foetuses is often underdiagnosed and may be caused by a small amount of alcohol. When aiming to conceive and through the early part of pregnancy, however, I am a strong advocate of abstinence. In the male partner alcohol adversely affects the motility of the sperm.


Do not drink alcohol for at least ten days before attempting conception.


Drugs are harmful in any case but more so in pregnancy. There are very few orthodox, doctor-prescribed drugs that have been shown to have any level of safety during pregnancy. Very little evidence is available on the effects of drugs during conception but we do know a lot about the dangers of drugs during early pregnancy.

Studies on recreational drugs have clearly stated that they are dangerous. They can alter the genetic material and affect the mother’s ability to nourish the child. Drugs also adversely affect the motility of sperm.


Do not use a drug, unless absolutely essential, for at least one month before attempting conception.


Women should not smoke for at least one cycle before attempting conception and men should abstain for at least ten days.


Once the ovulation cycle and the days when fertility is at a premium have been determined, I recommend a detoxification diet.


These should be considered at least one week before the period is expected and continued until ten days before the next period is due. The Hay diet can be followed in-between attempts to conceive so that the body remains predominantly alkaline-and toxin-free.

If a woman who is intending to become pregnant has a mother who has had problems with the thyroid, diabetes or the uterus, then she should see a Tibetan or Chinese practitioner for acupuncture, with or without herbal treatments. A weakness in any of these organs may represent a weakness in this midline energy flow, and this may mean that the intended mother has a weakness and a predisposition to developing diabetes or hypothyroidism during a pregnancy.

Vitamins and supplements

Principally, a good diet should provide individuals with all the vitamins and supplements they need. There is no specific advice for males other than healthy eating, unless a couple are not conceiving. Women, on the other hand, should add some supplements to their diet for at least one month prior to conception.


Folic acid (400mgs daily) has been shown to reduce the number of neural tube defects (problems with the formation of the spinal column).

A natural multivitamin and mineral complex should be used to avoid any problems that we may not yet be aware of due to deficiencies of the trace elements.

Visit a nutritionist to establish a clear-cut dietetic regime to follow after the Detox and Semi-fast diets recommended above.

Visit a GP for a thorough orthodox check-up.

Visit a homeopath to establish a constitutional pattern .


The vessel of conception and the governing vessel, according to the Chinese, is a term for an energy flow that passes through or over the pituitary and thyroid glands, the pancreas and the uterus. I discuss this vessel in more detail later are the only animals to copulate facing each other. Most intercourse takes place with the female on all fours and the male supplying the semen from behind. As the human being developed an upright stance, nature had to establish some changes to allow the sperm a greater chance of getting to the egg. The only female of any species to experience an orgasm is the human being as it is nature’s intention to tire out the woman and keep her lying flat for at least a few minutes. This places the uterus on a horizontal plane and the sperm do not have to fight against gravity, as they would if she were to get up immediately afterwards.

There is a surprisingly common condition called a retroverted uterus. In this condition the body of the uterus tips or is held backwards towards the spine. The cervix, the opening to the uterus, automatically pushes forward and can push into the front wall of the vagina. During intercourse the semen is fired from the penis at speeds of up to 80mph. If this hits the cervix directly, the sperm obtain quite a head start on their travel from the opening of the cervix to the egg. If the uterus is retroverted and the cervix is pushed forward, then the sperm can be fired into the posterior fornix and then have to swim around, find the cervix and travel a much further distance. Amazingly, during female orgasm, the cervix ‘dips’ into the pool of semen to help the sperm on their journey, but even so the sperm are disadvantaged.

The uterus can also have a tendency to tip to the right, to the left or forward, and in each case can cause the cervix to be pushed against any of the sides of the vaginal wall. A basic examination by a qualified doctor can clearly illustrate the position of the cervix. If the cervix is pushing into one of the sides of the vagina, then the woman should take up a position during intercourse that moves the uterus through the pull of gravity, thus moving the cervix away from the vaginal wall.


Mrs J O came to see my late father over 15 years ago. She was from the Cameroon and had undergone tests for infertility there, in Switzerland and in London, all to no avail. She came to see a complementary practitioner as a last resort and was very surprised when my father, after a full examination, gave her a basic homeopathic remedy and told her to lie on her right-hand side whenever she and her husband were trying to conceive. I now look after her and her family of four children, all conceived at times when she was lying on her right-hand side.

For the reasons I have described above, a long penis can find itself passing the cervix and ejaculating into the top of the vagina. At times of attempted fertilization it is wiser to try to keep only two or three inches in the vagina in an attempt to ejaculate onto the cervical opening.