Nothing is brighter, sweeter, and more reminiscent of old gardens than the show of blooms on phloxes in July. In a happy situation they will provide an amazing quanity of large trusses of white, pink, red, orange and mauve blooms.

They can be planted in autumn or in spring, but to ensure success the crowns should be rather lower than the level of the surface soil. They often fail because the crowns are too high, and quickly become dried out when the weather is not showery. As the tendency is for the crowns to rise above the soil surface, it is an excellent plan to lift the roots each autumn, and replant them a little deeper in the border.

In addition to this, plenty of water should be given to the roots during the growing season, if long spells of drought occur. No other special cultivation is needed, except to provide stakes if the border is very windswept. Some of the best modern varieties of phlox are:

Border Gem, deep violet.

Deutschland, orange-red.

Europa, snow-white.

Le Mahdi, rich violet-blue.

Mrs. Oliver, soft rose, white eye.

The King, purple.

William Ramsay, dark purple.

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