Phenomenon in which the opening in the foreskin of the penis is so narrow that it cannot be retracted over the glans. In mild cases the foreskin can still just be pulled back over the glans, but then becomes stuck in the groove behind it (paraphimosis). In baby boys the foreskin is stuck to the glans. It is therefore not possible to retract the foreskin, and only after a few years does it become detached. If adherence continues for a long time and the boy frequently suffers from inflammation of the glans (balanitis), a small surgical operation can release the foreskin. Such boys do not usually have a genuine phimosis; good penis hygiene prevents adherence from recurring. Genuine phimosis should be treated by surgery to widen or remove the foreskin. Regular stretching of the foreskin is not an appropriate way of remedying the condition, and apart from this it is also very painful. Phimosis later in life is usually the result of foreskin shrinkage caused by inflammation. Treatment is also by removal of the foreskin.