This was a new scheme which came into being, as a ramification of the old age pension system, under the Widows’, Orphans’ and Old Age Contributory Pensions Act of 1925. It is compulsory and on a contributory basis, and has for its object the extension of the previous schemes for the protection of the aged and helpless.

It is worked in conjunction with the health insurance. The scheme was to some extent retrospective.

Retrospective widows’ pension ceased six months after the youngest child attained the age of 14, or on her re-marriage, but re-marriage does not affect the children’s pensions. Future widows (I.e. those widowed subsequently to 1926) became entitled to pensions—irrespective of whether there were children—up to the age of 70 or re-marriage. After 70 she is entitled to 10s. weekly under the Old Age Pensions Act