Peking Duck

A traditional Chinese dish, Peking Duck is famous for its flavour and texture and the unusual way it is eaten (it is served wrapped in a pancake).

The duck is stuffed with spices and pastes, hung by its beak for over 10 hours, then glazed with malt sugar or honey mixed with vinegar or soy sauce and sometimes a little red colouring. The next day it is cooked quickly over hot coals until the skin is crisp.


Peking Duck, in a restaurant in Peking
Peking Duck, in a restaurant in Peking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The rich brown skin is separated from the flesh, cut into squares and served on one platter and the flesh is cut into pieces and served on another. The skin, flesh and chopped shallots or spring onions are then wrapped in a pancake, which is first spread with a sweet sauce.

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