A card game played with a full pack, or in the double pack game, with two packs, patience is a game for one person. There are numerous forms of the game, all played in a different way, and they can be divided roughly intc two classes, those the result is do-pendent entirely on chance, after the cards have been shuffled and cut, and those in which an opportunity of displaying judgment and skill occurs.

The object in all games of patience is to follow a certain method of arranging the cards in sequence, the high cards on the low in their correct order of value, OJ the low cards on the high. Here is an example game known as the Carpet.

First shuffle and cut the cards, then lay out twenty cards face upwards in four rows of live cards each. These constitute the carpet. As the aces appear, place them below in a fifth row to form the foundation on which to build up in proper sequence and suit to the king.

If there are any deuces laid out in tha carpet, they must be placed on the ace of their respective suits, and any threes must be placed on the deuces, their places in the carpet being filled from cards drawn from the remainder of the pack, or stock.

When it is not possible to continue a sequence, deal cards from the stock face upwards. The uppermost card of the heap may always be played in helping to build up one of the sequences, and the playing of euoh oar da may enable other cards from the oarpot to be played.

Cards to fill in holes in the carpet may now only be takon from the upturned cards and not from the stock.

If the four sequences cannot be completed, it is necessary to start again with a fresh carpet, as a second deal is not allowed.

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