Pastry Glazes

Pastry is usually glazed with egg yolk, lightly beaten egg white, egg white and sugar or whole beaten egg. Of these, egg yolk usually produces the glossiest finish. Sweet pastry can be brushed lightly with water and then sprinkled with sugar for a pretty sparkling effect. Milk or a mixture of milk and sugar is also a successful glaze, although the result is not as shiny as egg yolk. Fruit pies are sometimes glazed with sweetened fruit juice.

An open-face fruit tart is glazed with jam. Choose a jam of the same colour as the fruit. Spread the glaze over the fruit in the tart after the tart has cooked but while the fruit is still warm. If the pastry case has been baked blind, glaze it with a jam glaze before putting in the fruit. The glaze prevents the fruit juices from seeping into the pastry and making it soggy.