Palacsinken (pal-ah-shin-kchn) are a traditional Hungarian dessert crepe, of which there are many varieties. Serve them hot as a dessert or warming snack.

6 oz. apricot jam

3 tablespoons brandy

2 oz. icing sugar , sifted

2 ½ oz. hazelnuts, chopped

8 fl. oz. sour cream, chilled

5 oz. sweet Crepe Batter

In a small saucepan, warm the apricot jam and brandy over low heat, stirring con stantly, until the jam has melted and the mixture is thin. Remove the pan from the heat and keep the mixture warm.

In a small mixing bowl, combine the icing sugar and the hazelnuts. Set aside.

Pour the sour cream into a small serving bowl and set it aside.

Fry the crepes according to the instruc-tions in the basic recipe.

Lay the crepes out flat on a working surface and spoon an equal amount of the jam mixture on to each crepe. Using a flat- bladed knife, spread the mixture to the edges of each crepe. Roll up the crepes and place them in a warmed serving dish.

Sprinkle over the sugar and nut mixture and serve immediately, with the sour cream.

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