Ovarian cyst

A cyst is a cavity containing fluid or a semi-fluid mass. Ovarian cysts usually occur in sexually mature women, and seldom become malignant. Some are small and of little significance; others can reach the size of footballs. The various types of cyst require various treatments. A possible complication of a cyst is that it can twist on its axis and cut off the blood supply to the ovary, causing severe pain, and potentially the death of the ovary. An emergency operation is essential. A corpus luteum cyst often occurs during a hydatidiform pregnancy; it is 6 to 7 cm in size and disappears of its own accord. A follicle cyst is 1 to 10 cm across and contains light-coloured liquid; it too disappears or bursts spontaneously, although it may be removed if persistent or painful. Endometrial cysts contain blood, and are often painful at menstruation or when they burst, and surgery can be necessary. Dermoid cysts are benign