Outside entertainments

WE HAVE gossiped about entertaining in the home, but sooner or later the housewife will be asked to help with outside entertainments as well, so here are a few hints that will make you a sought-after person when there is a bazaar in view.

Stalls at a bazaar can be dressed to represent the seasons by decorating with crepe paper in the appropriate colours.

Don’t have all the stalls together; have a game going on between each stall and have the teas in the centre in a circular tent, if possible, so that people can approach it from all points.

Have a mysterious walk worked out to reach the Fortuneteller’s tent. Avoid the use of loose streamers for decorations – all decorations should be pinned down.

If the bazaar is held in a room that is small, it can look larger if wall decorations only are used and the ceiling has no decorations. If the hall is large and you want it to look smaller, decorate the ceiling only and not the walls.

Pretty decorations can be arranged on children’s hoops and the hoops twined in each other along the wall. Leaves could trail from the hoops.

It is effective to have all sellers in black masks and have black masks as the main theme throughout the decorating.

Grand fun, too, to have teen-agers carrying lucky dip trays. Their lucky dips can be fortunes typed on strips of paper and each one tied round a charm.

Let the men look after some of the attractions, such as an ankle competition, the lady with the most beautiful hair, the most beautiful teeth. Have dart competitions, and races for the children.

A decorated barrel with a garden parasol for a top is a fine stall for lucky dips.

And, lastly, here are suggestions for stall novelties, for to be able to turn out a few dozen novelties in an afternoon makes a person indispensable as a charity worker. Novelty is more important than detail ar such affairs, where the cheapness of the saleable items means a greater turnover. And the things which are sure bazaar sellers are: string boxes; moth-ball novelties; lavender novelties; decorated pencils; coat-hangers; table mats: tray cloths; baby clothes; bath-salt novelties; match-box novelties; table-napkin rings; door-stops; book-markers; first-aid packs; waste-paper baskets; cushion-covers; dance-shoe bags; shoe trees; handkerchief sachets; little doll novelties; egg-cups and cosies of all kinds; decorated lamp shades; oddments of china; letter-racks; knitting bags; decorated shell ash-trays; shell neckwear and bracelets: posies of coloured felt flowers: hat-rests.