Decayed or decaying refuse is so valuable for digging into ground where vegetables are to be grown that a heap or pit of this material should always be considered an essential part of every vegetable patch. Everything of a leafy nature (not showing evidence of disease) should be collected in every week of the year.

The longer the stuff is allowed to accumulate, the greater its value. It is more useful in a completely rotted than a half-rotted state, and more useful half-rotted than fresh. Any odour that might come from the accumulation can be checked with a lime dusting.

Leaves and other light material thrown on the heap can be kept in place with a spadeful or two of soil; otherwise in gusty weather they are likely to blow about and cause annoyance. All things considered, a pit is preferable; soil taken out is banked up around the edge of the hole, a scattering being returned over each layer of refuse as this is added.

For full details see under vegetable refuse in the section FERTILIZERS AND MANURES.

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