Balholmen Omelet

Into a well-beaten egg add one tablespoonful of milk, a little powdered thyme, salt and popper. Melt a little fat in a frying-pan, pour in the mixture so as to cover the pan. When brown turn half over and serve very hot.

Egg-and-Oyster Omelet

Mix six oysters, cut into small pieces after removing the beards, into four well-beaten and seasoned eggs. Add a batter made with half a breakfastcupful of flour and half a pint of milk. Heat two ounces of lard in an omelet pan, pour in the batter, and fry quickly.

Ham Omelet

Mince two ounces of lean cooked ham, and fry for about two minutes in a little butter; then make a batter for the omelet in the ordinary manner, stir in the ham, fry, and serve very hot, garnished with fried parsley.

Kidney Omelet

Partially cook a sheeps kidney in boiling water; let it cool. Boat well two eggs. Mince the kidney; add it to the eggs. Season with pepper and salt. Meit one ounce of butter in an omelet pan, pour the mixture into it, and shake over the fire until set. With a knife, loosen round the edges, double over, and serve on a hot dish.

Omelet Souffle

Put the yolks of two eggB into a basin with emu ounce of castor sugar, and beat them for six minutes; add a few drops of any essence preferred for flavouring, whisk the whites to a stiff froth, and mix them lightly with the yolks. Have ready one ounce of butter dissolved in the omelet pan, pour in the eggs, hold the pan over a slow fire for two minutes, then put it into a quick oven and bake for four minutes till the omelet has risen. Turn the omelet on to a hot dish, fold it, sift sugar over, and serve instantly.

Potato Omelet

Mix three table-spoonfuls of bread-crumbs with half a teaspoonful of mixed herbs and a little chopped parsley and lemon rind. Put a piece of butter on top. Have ready six large cooked potatoes, press them through a potato machine on to the other mixture, stir well together, and add two eggs and half a pint of milk, well beaten together. Butter a pie-dish, put in the mixture, bake to a pale brown colour, and serve with apple-sauce.

Prince of Waless Omelet

Take a quart of custard, three tablespoonfuls of marmalade, a few ratafias, a little sherry or brandy. Spread a layer of marmalade over the bottom of a buttered dish, fill up with custard, and put all over the top ratafias soaked in sherry or brandy. Bake till the custard is set.

Savoury Omelet

Make a mince of chicken and ham, and keep it hot while you make an omelet of four eggs. Put the mince in the centre and fold in the usual way. Serve with stewed tomatoes.

Spinach Omelet

Chop together a quarter of a pound of beetroot, a quarter of a pound of spinach, half an ounce of parsley, half an ounce of leeks and lemon thyme mixed. Beat together four eggs with one large tablespoonful of flour, four tablespoonfuls of milk, and two ounces of butter melted. Mix all the ingredients well together, season with pepper and salt, and bake for twenty minutes hi a quick oven.

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