OH Cookers and Heaters

New features are continually being intro-duced, and the modern oil cooker in addition to being an efficient production is also a pleasing object. It is very convenient, as being light it can be carried from place to place, and put just where it is needed. An oil stove that gives a steady heat for all classes of cookery is the Valor Perfection oil cooking stove.

Another stove in this category cooks a complete dinner with one flame. This is the Mesfia oven heated by a primus stove.

An invention which is Swedish and of which the English models are in an advance stage of perfection is the Aga cooker, hundreds of which are already in use in this country. The initial cost is not cheap, but its economy in the use of fuel is such that the money actually saved in fuel bills will almost pay the hire-purchase instalments.

Though large enough to cook for sixteen people it cannot burn more than one ton of fuel a year – say £1 per quarter at the price ruling at the time of writing.

Other aids to efficient economical cookery are the Pressure cookers now obtainable, which save much fuel and allow food to be perfectly cooked with the least possible delay.

Whichever method of generating the heat for cooking is chosen the question which presents itself to the mind of the practical housekeeper is that of size.

For a family of two, where large joints or bit. batches of cakes and buns are not re-quired, an inside oven dimension of 19 inches high, 13 inches deep is adequate.

For families of four, an inside oven dimension of 19 inches high, 14 A- inches wide and 13A inches deep is more suitable, as allowing for larger joints and poultry.