A lack of appetite which is not related to a particular disorder can be explained by a Vitamin B8 deficiency. Good sources of B8 are:

– liver, kidney

– egg yolk

– chocolate, peanuts

– split peas

– brewer’s yeast

– mushrooms

– all animal and vegetable tissue (in smaller amounts)

Vitamin B8 is the one most often recommended by doctors for persons who lack appetite. Plant therapists recommend avoiding the following foods: apricots, celery, chicory, tarragon, onions, oranges, parsley and dandelion.

If you find you seldom feel hungry, the best thing to do is eat small, highly nutritious meals. One example would be a bowl of yogurt with some cereal, stewed fruit, wheat germ and a few ground almonds.

Too much Vitamin D can also cause appetite loss. If you are taking Vitamin D supplements, you may want to reduce the dosage.

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