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If you suffer from chronic anxiety, you should try increasing your intake of cobalt. Eat more animal products: meat, milk, cheese, seafood, etc.

Cobalt regulates the sympathetic nervous system and helps alleviate associated health problems, including anxiety.

You can also try cocoa, which contains a substance that helps fight stress, as well as wheat germ and bee pollen.

If, for one reason or another, you deprive yourself of sugar, you may develop a deficiency and find yourself feeling anxious for no apparent reason. Eating a moderate amount of sweets and/or chocolate should make you feel better.

Magnesium can also be helpful. Persons suffering from anxiety need more magnesium: about 500 to 600 milligrams per day. Alcohol and stress both destroy considerable amounts of magnesium stored in your body.

Good sources of magnesium include:

– cocoa and chocolate

– whole grains and whole grain rice

– whole grain bread

– oleaginous fruit (nuts)

– dried legumes

Season salads, soups and other dishes with wheat germ, which is very rich in B-complex vitamins. Also add raw spinach, dandelion or beet leaves, and a few raw almonds to your salads (a salad doesn’t necessarily mean lettuce and tomatoes!)

Lentils, red or white beans, chick peas, cabbage and broccoli, served cold with a little olive oil, shallots or finely chopped onions, makes an excellent and highly nutritious salad.

Recommended foods

– apricots

– clay (a teaspoon of nutritional clay diluted in a glass of water)

– eggplant, avocado, beets, broccoli, celery, cabbage, parsley, lettuce

– cocoa, chocolate, honey

– wheat germ, brewer’s yeast

– seafood, meat

– milk and dairy products

– quince

– apples, peaches

– soybean, whole grain rice, whole grain bread

– bee pollen

– shallots, onions

– oleaginous fruit

– white or red beans, lentils, chick peas

– shellfish

– strawberries


Aphtha (also called thrush) is a children’s disease characterized by the appearance of small white inflammations or pustules in the mouth. It can be caused by certain medecines (antibiotics prescribed for Candida albicans bacteria), although the most common cause is nutritional.

Local treatments should include frequent gargling and rinsing with carbonated mineral water, or with a mallow solution: 25 to 30 grams (1 ounce) of mallow root per half quart (litre) of water.

Since the underlying cause of the problem is generally nutritional, every effort should be made to re-establish a balanced diet. The condition is often the result of a diet that is:

– too acidic (too many acidic fruits and/or vegetables) or acidifying (too much fat or fried foods and sweets);

– too spicy (pepper, mustard, etc.);

– poor in nitrates; 136

– too rich in green vegetables, overloading the body with minerals;

– too rich or too poor in sugar;

– vitamin deficient.

An effective and rapid treatment consists of taking two tablespoons of raw chopped cabbage and one teaspoon of wheat germ with every meal. Restoring a balanced diet and taking time to relax and digest after meals should do the rest.

Recommended foods

– carrots

– raw cabbage

– wheat germ

– blackberries

– myrtle

Foods to avoid

– strong spices and condiments

– fried foods

– gruyere-type cheese

– acidic fruits and vegetables

– walnuts

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