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Nutritional info on Apples

– Apples are rich in Vitamin C, iron, potassium and fructose.

– Research conducted in Italy, Ireland and France showed that apples really do lower levels of harmful LDL cholesterol, and increase levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol (HDL cholesterol protects veins and arteries against cardiovascular disease, while LDL cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease). According to Dr. S. Amplis of the Toulouse Physiological Institute, pectin in apples combines with other substances (not identified as yet) to produce this effect. When researchers administered pectin extracts to subjects with high cholesterol, the same beneficial effect was not observed. Therefore, only whole apples are effective.

– Apples are good for diabetics. Despite their high sugar content, they do not produce sudden increases in blood sugar levels, as might be expected.

– Apples also lower blood pressure. In a study at Yale University (Dr. Schwartz) the blood pressure of subjects who simply inhaled the odour of apples dropped significantly.

– Apples curb hunger and are therefore recommended for persons on weight loss diets.

– A Canadian study showed that apple juice (even canned juice) destroys a variety of viruses, including the polio virus.

– Apples are also anti-carcinogenic, and are recommended for the following disorders:

– cardiovascular disease

– liver, brain and stomach problems.

– Apples that are more acidic have a laxative effect and regularize intestinal functions.

– Don’t drink liquids immediately after eating apples – the mixture can cause gas, since apples can ferment in the intestines and transform into cider.

– The old saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away…’ would seem to be true!

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