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If you have weak ankles you are probably lacking fluorine, which is an essential component of healthy bones. In most areas fluorine is added to drinking water, according to World Health Organization recommendations. Fluorine is important for keeping bones strong because it reinforces the bonding of calcium and stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which strengthens tissues.

Daily requirements are estimated at 1 milligram per day.

A lack of fluorine weakens bones. People who sprain or twist their ankles frequently, and athletes who place a lot of strain on their joints, should take regular fluorine supplements.

Your best sources include drinking water and some types of mineral water, as well as seafood and tea. If you suspect you lack fluorine, don’t hesitate to take supplements,

Recommended foods

– algae

– clay (dissolve a teaspoon of nutritional clay in a glass of water)

– chervil, cabbage, parsley

– mineral water

– seafood

– tea

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