A Vitamin B6 deficiency is a potential cause of tongue inflammation. Deficiencies of this vitamin occur primarily because of improper absorption or its destruction in the body, since it is relatively abundant in the food we eat.

Main sources of Vitamin B6:

– whole and sprouted grains

– whole grain bread

– yeast

– egg yolk

– beef liver

– soybean

Other sources include:

– red meat, liver, kidney and other organs, fish, cabbage, spinach and other green vegetables, dried peas, fresh fruit, milk and cheese, molasses

Breast milk is an important source of Vitamin B6 for newborn infants. If you are bottle-feeding your baby, he or she may need a B6 supplement.

Note: If your doctor diagnoses your tongue inflammation as candidosis, you may need to fast for a few days, or at least eat mainly raw foods.

It’s well known.that green tea extract fights many bacteria that cause diarrhoea and some strains of E.coli. It can also keep the germs that cause plaque build-up and cavaties from growing in your mouth.

You can also ask your dentist to examine your teeth in order to determine whether amalgam fillings are causing problems for your teeth and / or gums.