Tetanus is very serious, and is characterised by muscular spasms and convulsions. If the disease is not treated quickly it can cause death, especially in children and the elderly. The mortality rate is over 30%.

It is an infectious disease caused by bacteria which can survive for years in extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) as an inactive spore.

The bacteria is usually found in earth that is contaminated or fertilised with human or animal excrement. The bacteria can reactivate in the human body. It generally enters the body through cuts that are not treated properly.

If you think you are dealing with a case of tetanus and are not sure if the person is vaccinated or not, get to a hospital as fast a possible! The normal treatment consists of massive doses of antibiotics.

There is a remedy for tetanus which is often overlooked and which has proven remarkably effective – magnesium chloride. This multifaceted substance treats tetanus just as well as antibiotics, without the side-effects.

You can ask your doctor to treat you with magnesium chloride instead of antibiotics. If they refuse and you’re certain the diagnosis is correct, you can treat yourself by injecting lOcc of magnesium chloride three times a day (you can buy it in bottles ready for injection).

In diabetics, infected wounds are often more difficult to heal because of poor blood circulation. That is why a simple cut on the foot can develop into a serious problem. If tetanus sets in, the consequences can be disastrous. Regularly drinking aloe vera juice and applying aloe vera gel can work wonders.

Other recommendations

– Mechanics, gardeners, farmers and children are all high risk groups as far as tetanus is concerned, since they tend to get a lot of minor cuts, and come into contact with potentially contaminated earth (rust is also dangerous).

– Oxygenated water (available in most pharmacies) is a protection against tetanus, use it to clean wounds instead of ordinary tap water (this applies to the general population as well as the high risk groups).

– If you’re planning a camping trip or some other kind of expedition (trekking, safari, etc) make sure to include some magnesium chloride in your first aid kit. Cuts and scrapes occur frequently on these kinds of trips, and magnesium chloride can save your life in case of tetanus.