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Depriving yourself of complex (slow assimilation) and simple (rapid assimilation) sugars because you want to lose weight can be very harmful.

Glucides provide the body with the energy. Not eating enough can leave you feeling chronically tired, exhausted after the slightest effort, and much more vulnerable to all types of bacterial or viral infections.

Your organism, forced to use up its reserves of fat to synthesize its own glucides, is under a constant strain. Your liver and kidneys are affected, and can be weakened or damaged. This, in turn, can cause cerebral fatigue, somnolence and even loss of consciousness.

Make sure to eat reasonable amounts of complex and simple sugars.

Somnolence is often related to digestive problems, caused by an unbalanced diet, or overeating. Other causes include:

– some medicines

– drugs

– alcohol

– stress

If drowsiness occurs only occasionally, a cup of strong coffee should help wake you up.

For somnolence related to digestive problems:

– be careful about food combinations, especially at lunch;

– avoid fat greasy foods;

– eat a hearty protein-rich breakfast (eggs, cereal, toast, etc.);

– have a snack around 11 a.m.;

– have a light lunch (fruit, salad, etc.);

– have another snack around mid-afternoon.

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