Many people deprive themselves of glucides for various reasons: some people find the sweet taste unpleasant, some are on strict weight-loss programs. Whatever the reason, a lack of glucides in your system can have serious consequences. Depriving your body of simple and complex sugars because you want to lose weight is just as bad as eating too much.


Well, firstly, as we have seen, glucides provide the body with the fuel it needs to produce energy. If you don’t get enough fuel, you risk becoming chronically fatigued, feeling exhausted after the least physical effort.

Another less predictable result is sexual aggression that can transform normal sexual relations into a nightmare of violence and frustration, and ruin an otherwise fulfiling relationship.

If you think you may be suffering from this problem, take immediate steps to re-establish some kind of balance in your diet. Start absorbing more sugars in the form of jam, honey, cakes and sweets. Also eat more complex sugars: whole grain bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. Also avoid stimulants like alcohol and coffee.

These measures should help calm your sexual aggression and make your life more serene.

Recommended foods

– jam, honey

– whole grain bread

– pasta

– cakes

– potatoes

Foods to avoid

– alcohol

– coffee

– meat (in excess)

– pepper and other strong spices

– tea