Rickets is a disease of the skeletal system, mainly occurring in children, resulting from a calcium or Vitamin D deficiency, and characterized by a softening and / or bending of the bones. Deformation can affect the skull, thorax, legs and teeth, and can make standing and even sitting difficult. If the disease is not treated, bone deformation (including curvature of the spine) becomes irreversible.

Unlike most other vitamins, Vitamin D is rarely found in natural sources. The only food sources are fish liver (especially the livers of fat fish), animal liver and eggs. Your main source of Vitamin D is sunlight, which stimulates pro-vitamins already present in the skin. If children do not get enough sunlight, or if their skin pigmentation is very dark, Vitamin D supplements are necessary.

Vitamin D regularizes the metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, both of which are essential for the formation of healthy bones and teeth.

The treatment for rickets is simple: Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorous supplements, combined with physiotherapy.

Recommended foods

– apricots

– algae and varech

– wheat

– carrots, cabbage, spinach, radish

– liver

– fish liver oil

– yeast

– walnuts

– eggs

– olives

– soybean

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