Vitamin B5, combined with biotin, is an excellent treatment for hair loss in children, and for alopecia in older men and loss of pigmentation in women. B5 and biotin also help combat fragile nails. It is particularly abundant in the following foods:

– cabbage, tomatoes, spinach

– sunflower seeds

– beef, poultry, liver, kidney

– whole and sprouted grains

– wheat and rice bran

– oysters

– honey, molasses, royal jelly

– milk

– eggs

– soybean

– brewer’s yeast

You can also take Vitamin B5 supplements in capsule or tablet form.

Vitamin B8 helps fight hair loss. Eat more of the following foods:

– liver, kidney

– egg yolk

– chocolate

– peanuts

– split peas

– brewer’s yeast

– mushrooms

Small amounts of B8 are found in most animal and vegetal tissue. You can also take B8 supplements.