Like other pre-menstrual symptoms (migraines, nervousness, water retention, fatigue, etc.) a lack of Vitamin B6 can cause breasts to become painful. Deficiencies of this vitamin are generally the result of improper absorption, or the destruction of B6 within the organism, rather than by a lack of adequate food sources.

Taking a B6 cure, combined with primrose oil, during the 10 days preceding your period, can help alleviate PMS symptoms.

Many foods contain Vitamin B6. Main sources are:

– whole grains and sprouted seeds

– whole grain bread

– brewer’s yeast

– egg yolk

– liver (especially beef)

– soybean

Secondary sources include:

– kidney, brain, liver, red meat

– fish

– cabbage, spinach and other green vegetables

– split peas

– fresh fruit

– milk and cheese

– molasses