If you suffer from itching and your doctor hasn’t been able to find the cause, you may have too much Vitamin B3 circulating in your system. Large amounts of this vitamin are found in liver (pork, beef, veal), whole grains, fish, eggs, white meat, dates, figs and almonds.

If your diet is unbalanced because you eat too much of one of the above foods, simply cutting down could solve your itching problem.

A case in point: Since childhood, Chris B. was in the habit of sitting down in front of the TV every night with a big plate of figs, dates and almonds, which he thought were good for him. As soon as he started munching on other foods, his itching problem disappeared. Moral of the story? Too much of a good thing can be bad for you!

An excess of Vitamin D has the same effect. An elderly man was prescribed Vitamin D supplements by his doctor. He soon developed a severe itching problem. As it turned out, he forgot to mention to his doctor that he ate a can of sardines (very rich in Vitamin D) every other night.

Anal itching is quite common and, in many cases, unexplained. To alleviate anal itching apply Vitamin E cream mixed with a little cider vinegar.