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If you eat too much sugar you can develop Vitamin B1 and chromium deficiencies, since your body uses both these substances to metabolize sugar.

A Vitamin B1 deficiency will in turn cause irritability. Good sources of Vitamin B1 are wheat germ, whole grains and yeast. Note that grains which have had their bran removed are deprived of their Vitamin B1 content. Smaller amounts are found in walnuts, pork, milk and dairy products, egg yolk and the green part of vegetables.

Vitamin B1 is destroyed by caffeine, alcohol and contraceptive pills.

Recommended foods

– almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts

– wholegrains

– spinach, lettuce

– wheat germ

– egg yolk

– milk and dairy products

– yeast

– pork

Foods to avoid

– alcohol

– caffeine

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