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Depriving yourself of complex and simple sugars because you want to lose weight is actually just as harmful as consuming too much.

Firstly because glucides are your body’s main source of fuel for generating energy. If you don’t absorb enough glucides you may become chronically fatigued. You feel exhausted after even a minimum of effort. Your immune system also suffers, making you more vulnerable to all kinds of viral or bacterial infections.

Your body is continually forced to use up its reserves of fat in order to synthesize the glucides it needs to function normally, resulting in chronic fatigue and impaired digestion.

Vitamin A helps fight infections of all kinds.

Good sources of Vitamin A in the form of retinol are:

– fish and animal liver

– fat from dairy products

– egg yolk

Good sources of Vitamin A in the form of carotene are:

– carrots, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce and green leafy vegetables in general

– asparagus

– melon, apricots, oranges

Note that dried fruits contain more Vitamin A than fresh fruit.

– Silver has been known to help fight infections since time immemorial, which is why it is prescribed for a wide range of infectious disorders.

– Onions are also anti-infectious – eat raw onions as often as possible. The same is true of garlic, which is a natural disinfectant, containing natural antibiotic substances (garlicine and allicine).

– Almonds constitute another natural antibiotic – eat a few every day.

– Foods that are improperly stored in your kitchen or fridge can cause a variety of infections . Make sure all containers, as well as your fridge, are clean at all times.

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