Haemorrhoids that are caused by a weakness of blood vessels in and around the anus are relatively easy to treat. Make your diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables (for their flavonoid content) and drink lots of water to soften stool.

You should also eat a lot of fibre to keep your stool soft. Obtain your fibre from the husks of dried legumes and grains, from the cellulose in green vegetables, the pectin in fruit and the bran in whole grain bread.

– Eliminate, or at least cut down your intake of the following foods: pepper and other spices, mustard, processed meats, alcohol, coffee, fat foods and any other foods that you find difficult to digest.

– Chestnuts are effective for keeping veins healthy. Make sure they are well cooked before you eat them.

– Gold is a powerful anti-infectious agent, often combined with silver and copper. Its polyvalent composition makes it a treatment of choice for a wide variety of organic disorders, including haemorrhoids.

– Get into the habit of walking or swimming as often as possible, and also make sure to get enough rest.

Recommended foods

– clay (dissolve a teaspoon of nutritional clay in a glass of water)

– beets, chervil, cabbage, dandelion, leeks, potatoes

– chestnuts

– water

– melon, myrtle

– whole grain bread

Foods to avoid

– alcohol

– coffee

– processed meats

– pickles

– pepper and other spices

– dairy products

– mustard