Gastritis is characterized by inflammation of the stomach, and especially the stomach lining. Symptoms include appetite loss, nausea and mild expectoration of mucous (especially in the morning). The condition can be (but is not necessarily) a precursor of an ulcer. After meals, gastritis sufferers feel heavy and uncomfortable, and sometimes suffer from migraines and bouts of extreme fatigue.

Aggravating factors include:

– alcohol consumption

– tobacco

– eating quickly and not chewing food properly

– too much tea or coffee

– too many carbohydrates

– bread, cake and jam

Recommended foods

– clay (dissolve a teaspoon of nutritional clay in a glass of water)

– wheat (for instructions on how to prepare a wheat cure see Wheat in the Dictionary section)

– carrots, cabbage, quince, fennel, lettuce potatoes

– figs, apples

Foods to avoid

– alcohol, coffee, tea,


– almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts – pineapple, cherries, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, tangerines, mandarins, blackberries, myrtle

– cloves, oregano

– cucumbers, onions, leeks

– beans

– bread, jam, cake, gelatin, ice cream, sherbet

– dates

– tobacco

– vinegar