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Weight loss that is not related to dieting or a health problem that has been diagnosed by your doctor can be caused by various nutritional deficiencies. A lack of protein-rich food can cause excessive weight loss over the long term. This often happens to elderly persons who lose their taste for meat, or who can’t afford to buy quality meat.

An obvious solution is to add more meat, as well as protein-rich vegetables, to your diet, if possible. If you don’t like the taste of meat, you can mix bits of meat (hamburger meat is ideal) into salads.

A lack of Vitamin C can also be a cause of excessive weight loss. Fresh fruit and vegetables, in moderate amounts, are indispensable for health. Elderly persons often develop a Vitamin C deficiency.

Getting enough regenerating sleep, managing stress properly, and giving up smoking will also help get your weight back to normal.

Recommended foods

– fruit

– green vegetables

– vegetable protein

– red meat

Foods to avoid

– alcohol

– coffee

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