Dizziness that cannot be explained by a pathological disorder (of the inner ear, for example) may simply be the result of a lack of sugar. If you have been depriving yourself of sugar for some reason (the desire to lose weight, for example), reintroducing reasonable amounts of complex and simple sugars to your diet should solve the problem.

Salad recipe

Soybean improves circulation. Tomatoes have a depurative effect. Garlic improves circulation and combats arteriosclerosis. Fennel is a relaxant and helps prevent dizziness. Vinegar facilitates digestion. Olive oil facilitates liver functions.

– soybean sprouts

– tomatoes

– fennel

– garlic

– cider vinegar and olive oil

Mix all ingredients and season with olive oil and vinegar. Eat every day for lunch, and have an orange for dessert.

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