If you eat too little meat and vegetable protein, you may have trouble digesting well. This is because amino acids play an essential role in the production of gastric secretions.

Fibre that is not water-soluble (pectin, resin, alginates) is beneficial because it slows down the movement of foods from the stomach into the intestines. This improves digestion, and at the same time curbs sensations of hunger. Fiber also improves digestive functions in the intestines themselves.

Recommended foods

– pineapple, pumpkin, orange, grapefruit, peaches, grapes, rhubarb

– clay (a teaspoon of nutritional clay dissolved in a glass of water, once a day)

– eggplant, celery, cabbage, chives, fennel, sorrel, potatoes, parsley

– Jerusalem artichokes

– chickpeas

– meat

– barley

– black radish, horseradish

– raspberries, gooseberries

Foods to avoid

– garlic

– eel, squid, crab, shrimps, snails, oysters, mussels, octopus, ray fish, snapper

– mackerel, salmon

– melon, watermelon

– lard

– game (deer, boar, etc.)

– goose

– sausages and processed meats

– chestnuts

– turnip

– sherbet