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Decalcification can be caused by the improper bonding of calcium, which may in turn be the result of a Vitamin D deficiency, since Vitamin D is necessary for the proper absorption of calcium.

Good sources of Vitamin D include:

– fish liver oils

– sardines, salmon, herring

– direct sunlight

Sunlight, which stimulates pro-vitamins present in the skin, is actually your best natural source of Vitamin D.

A lack of calcium can also be indirectly caused by various health problems:

– diarrhoea

– prolonged hypo-parathyroidism

– kidney insufficiency

– chronic bone metastasis

– convulsion and leukemia treatments

Taking calcium supplements will prevent deficiencies and help combat the problem. Eating lots of dairy products and making sure you get enough Vitamin D will significantly improve your rate of calcium absorption.

Be careful about eating too many whole grains since fibre containing phytic acid can have a harmful effect: ingesting more than 1 ounce (30 grams) of fibre from whole grains will decalcify your body. If you eat a lot of grains, more dairy products will help prevent a calcium deficiency.

Recommended foods

– algae

– almonds

– pineapple

– clay (add a teaspoon of nutritional clay to a glass of water)

– asparagus, lettuce, beets, carrots, celery

– wheat, barley, soybean

– cherries

– yeast

– oranges, apples, grapes

– black and pink radish

– mushrooms

– cabbage

– dates

– strawberries

– cheese and other dairy products

– gooseberries

– herring, salmon, sardines

– fish liver oil

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