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A protein deficiency can cause concentration problems since amino acids are necessary for the formation of brain cells. A pregnant woman who is malnourished may deprive her fetus of an adequate supply of protein. This unfortunate set of circumstances often causes irreparable damage to the newborn’s mental capacities. The same is true of babies who are undernourished during the first few months of life.

Elderly persons are not able to synthesize proteins as effectively as younger adults. They should therefore absorb more protein, as a safeguard against a potential deficiency. In fact, elderly persons need three times more amino acids, in order to maintain normal concentration and memory functions.

Recommended foods

– apricots, bananas, oranges, pears, apples, plums, grapes

– wheat, millet, rice, soybean

– coffee

– algae

– almonds, peanuts, chestnuts,

– asparagus, avocados, celery, spinach,

– beans

– dates

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