Diet is extremely important both for preventing and treating cellulite. To treat an existing cellulite problem you have to follow a few strict dietary rules and eat foods that help dissolve deposits of fat:

– Eat three wholesome meals a day: a hearty breakfast and lunch, and a light supper (to prevent fat from being stored while you sleep).

– Make every effort to cut down on your intake of glucides, especially simple sugars (pastry, jam, soft drinks, etc.) and also complex sugars contained in starchy foods.

– Eat whole grain bread which contains complex (slow assimilation) sugars and indispensable fibre (preferably for breakfast and lunch).

– Eat only lean meat and fish and low fat cheese (you need proteins to preserve muscle mass). Remember that you will lose weight more quickly by eating 1000 calories of protein than only 600 calories of glucides or lipids.

– Eat as little fat as possible: no processed meats, fried foods, oil-based sauces, etc. All you need to fulfil your essential fatty acid requirements is one teaspoon of oil per day.

– Eat a lot of green vegetables, which contain indispensable vitamins and fibres.

– Drink a lot of spring water, herbal tea, etc. Drinking won’t help you lose weight, but it will help clean your body of all types of toxins.

Lithium combats obesity and regularizes circulation: It is especially recommended for women during menopause, who often develop circulation problems. This, in turn, aggravates a cellulite condition, since water and toxins are not drained prorjerly by blood and lymph circulation. Good food sources of natural lithium include whole grains and seeds.