To prevent cataracts, make sure you are getting enough Vitamin B2, found in:

– yeast, liver and kidney, wheat germ, cheese, oily fish, oleaginous fruit, egg yolk

Note that this vitamin is altered by exposure to light.

Selenium also helps prevent cataracts. Good sources of selenium include:

– wheat germ and whole grains (especially rice and wheat), onions, yeast, meat

If you think you might be developing cataracts, take regular selenium supplements.

The eye’s retina is extremely rich in the cartenoids lutein and zeaxanthin and boosting the amount of these in your body can keep the retina strong and efficient. Spinach and collard greens both contain these antioxidants. For the best vision defence, eat these leafy greens at least twice a week – more if possible.

To get the most lutein from your spinach, add a little fat, just a small amount will increase how much lutein your body can absorb.

Recommended foods

– pineapple

– wheat germ

– whole grains

– liver, kidney

– cheese

– spinach

– oleaginous fruit

– egg yolk

– yeast

– onion

– fat fish

– meat