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A diet that is too rich in fat can cause fat deposits to form on pulmonary cells, resulting in bronchitis. An obvious solution is to drastically cut down on your intake of fat.

Sulphur is an effective treatment for a variety of respiratory disorders, including bronchitis. Eat three fish meals a week, as well as eggs, dried beans and lots of onion and garlic. You can also drink a teaspoon of fresh onion juice three times a day.

Also eat foods rich in:

– Vitamins C (fresh fruit and vegetables);

– Vitamin A (fish liver, dairy products, egg yolk, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce and other leafy green vegetables, asparagus, corn, melon, apricots, oranges);

– Selenium (wheat germ, whole grains, especially wheat and rice).

Almonds can help prevent inflammation of the bronchi when eaten regularly.

Recommended foods

– Apricots, melon, blackberries, apples – garlic, onion, chervil, red and black radish, horseradish

– almonds, figs

– clay (a teaspoon of nutritional clay in a glass of water)

– asparagus, carrots, cabbage, quince, watercress, spinach, corn, turnip, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables

– whole wheat and whole grain rice

– sprouted wheat

– fish and fish liver

– fresh fruit and vegetables in general

– dried beans

– egg yolk

Foods to avoid

Try not to eat too many dairy products or foods containing gluten


Vitamin K accelerates the healing of bruises and burst capillaries under the skin surface. Since you cannot take Vitamin K food supplements (they don’t exist) the best thing to do is use a cream or ointment that contains Vitamin K, applied directly to the skin.


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