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Vitamin B5, combined with biotin, is an excellent treatment for hair loss in older men, and for alopecia and loss of pigmentation in women and children. B5 and biotin also help combat fragile nails. It is particularly abundant in the following foods:

– cabbage, tomatoes, spinach

– sunflower seeds

– beef, poultry, liver, kidney

– whole and sprouted grains

– wheat and rice bran

– oysters

– honey, molasses, royal jelly

– milk

– eggs

– soybean

– brewer’s yeast

A Vitamin F deficiency can also cause fragile hair and nails. Good sources of Vitamin F are:

– first, cold-pressed vegetable oil: wheat germ, sunflower seed, soybean, peanut (heating and refining methods destroy these oils’ precious fatty acid content);

– for linoleic acid: peanuts, walnuts, almonds, avocados;

– for gammalinoleic acid: primrose and borage oil;

– for linolenic acid: fish oil and fat fish (salmon, herring, etc.).

Use olive oil on your nails as a local application: rub into brittle nails and leave overnight, so the oil is absorbed.

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