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This type of food poisoning, caused by highly toxic botulinus bacteria, can be very dangerous, and even fatal. Spores of the bacteria are extremely resistant to heat: boiling at 212° Fahrenheit (100° centigrade) requires six hours to destroy them, but only fifteen minutes at 250° Fahrenheit (120° centigrade).

The bacteria is not found in fresh vegetables or fruit, or in fresh cooked meat. Foods that may contain botulinus bacteria include:

– improperly smoked or salted ham;

– processed meats that have been exposed to air for too long;

– dead seafood that has been left exposed to the sun;

– insufficiently cooked canned beans, beets, asparagus, etc.

There is not much fever. Initial symptoms include gastric pains which become increasingly intense, sometimes accompanied by vomiting. These symptoms take at least a day, and sometimes two or three days to appear. They are soon followed by:

– vision problems, with paralysis of accommodation (focusing on objects at various distances);

– extreme dryness of the tongue and nasal passages;

– paralysis of the soft palate and pharynx;

– increasing muscular weakness;

– urine retention, etc.

If you experience one or a combination of these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

To prevent botulism do not conserve meat or any of the following types of foods after they have been cooked (especially in fat): potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, fennel, parsnip, turnip.

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