Exogenous asthma, I.e. asthma that is caused by external factors rather than emotion-related problems, is often linked to some kind of food allergy. Consult the section on Allergies to find out which foods are recommended and which to avoid.

Sulphur is also helpful for persons suffering from asthma. Good sources include: fish protein, eggs, dried beans, onions and garlic.

– The best foods for combating asthma are garlic, chervil, onions and black radish.

– Recipe: Here’s a top-notch asthma protection meal. Start with a fruit salad made with oranges, pineapple, strawberries, kiwifruit and papaya. Then follow with a plate of high-C vegetables like broccoli, red and greeen peppers, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and peas.

Recommended foods

– garlic, onions, black and red radish, horseradish, chervil, cabbage, lettuce

– carrots, parsley

– dried beans

– fish

– eggs

– sorrel

– varech (seaweed)

– clay (mix a teaspoon of nutritional clay in a glass of water)

Foods to avoid

Any food suspected of being an allergen:

– peanuts

– celery

– chocolate

– strawberries

– milk

– etc.

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