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In addition to the recommendations in the section on Obesity, here are three tips that will help you lose weight:

– Salmon oil: take half a teaspoon of salmon oil mixed with a little lemon juice during meals, once or twice a day.

– Eating pumpkin seeds or taking some pumpkin seed oil during meals that contain no meat or eggs will help you lose weight and obtain precious minerals at the same time. Eat a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, or drink a teaspoon of pumpkin seed oil once a day, preferably in the morning.

– Eat 3 or 4 soaked prunes to prevent stomach bloating, either in the morning or for dessert. Soak dried prunes in some spring water overnight, and discard the water if the prunes are not organic. As a complement, drink one or two cups of star aniseed herbal tea every day.

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