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To accelerate healing take Vitamin B5. Note that this vitamin is destroyed by alcohol, caffeine, contraceptive pills, sleeping pills and sulfa drugs.

The daily recommended dosage is about 10 milligrams, although larger doses – between 10 and 100 milligrams – can be taken without danger.

Good food sources include:

– cabbage

– oysters

– honey, royal jelly, molasses

– milk

– eggs

– soybean

– tomatoes, spinach

– sunflower seeds

– beef, poultry, liver, kidney, heart

– whole and sprouted grains

– rice and wheat bran

– brewer’s yeast

Even more effective is combining Vitamin B5 with Vitamin A. Food sources of Vitamin A in the form of retinoi include the liver of fish and animals, fat from dairy products and egg yolks.

In the form of carotene, look for Vitamin A in carrots, spinach, lettuce and other leafy green vegetables, asparagus, corn, melon, apricots, oranges, etc. Remember that the Vitamin A content of dried fruits is higher than that of fresh fruit.

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