Nougat (noo-gah) is a white or pink sweet made from nuts and honey or a sugar syrup, or a combination of both. Nougat used to be made from walnuts, but blanched and sometimes roasted almonds are mainly used today. The sweet can be hard, or soft and chewy. The most popular type is nougat Montelimar, (mon-tay-lee-mahr) which is white nougat containing chopped nuts and candied fruit such as cherries and angelica.

There is another type of nougat, called nougat parisien, nougat brun or caramel nougat. This is made by dissolving castor sugar over heat with chopped nuts, usually almonds, until a pale brown caramel is obtained. The caramel is turned out on to an oiled slab and quickly moulded, while it is still hot, into the required shapes – sweets , basket shapes to contain desserts, thin slabs to cover cakes, decorative leaves or flowers, and so on.

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