Nothing too Good for the Kitchen

Modern kitchen
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Instead of regarding anything as good enough for the kitchen, the motto should be that nothing is too good for it. Light and air are indispensable to health, and should be the first consideration. If the walls are not tiled, after the good old fashion of the Netherlands, where the kitchen is often the most interesting room in the house, they should be distempered or painted in a warm, light colour, and not the dingy greens and browns so often favoured. A cheery kitchen helps to make a cheery cook, and a cheery cook is less likely to serve indigestible food than one who is depressed by her surroundings.

The store cupboard should have its shelves neatly covered with white paper, and be so arranged that different things 01 one land are together. Cooking requisites such as rice, sago, tapioca, currants, and so on, kept in tins, neatly labelled on the front, should be on one shelf, or section of a shelf; jams, pickles, sauces, etc., on another, and so on. Candles, night-lights, and soaps can be accommodated on the floor of a cupboard.

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