Noisettes (nwah-zet) are boned chops from the best end of neck of lamb or, less commonly, from loin of pork.

Most butchers will prepare noisettes for you, but you may prepare them yourself. Buy best end of neck of lamb containing as many cutlets as you need. Ask the butcher to chine the meat. Remove the chine bone and cut between each rib bone until the ribs can be easily removed.

The meat is now completely boneless. Roll it up, starting from the thick end and rolling towards the flap. Tie it securely with string at 1-inch intervals. Cut the meat between each piece of string to make the noisettes.

Noisettes can be pan fried in butter or grilled . Timing depends on the thickness of the noisettes and on how well-cooked you like your lamb.

As a general guide, if the noisettes are not too thick cook them for 4 to 6 minutes on each side. They should then be brown on the outside and still slightly pink inside.

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