Nine special ideas for the garden

Hose guide is made with two 1 by 2-inch stakes and two 1 by 1-inch crosspieces; it is 14 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

Extension hose bib is made with two el-bow joints, two lengths of pipe; screen fence projects out from the side of house.

Concrete basin poured between card-board tubes catches rain run-off; has drain pipe.

Pebble splash bed under the downspout breaks water fall, channels excess away from foundation to downslope at right.

Deep trench at the edge of driveway is filled with smooth gravel, collects and leads off surface water to a nearby drain.

Garden umbrella stand is made from a soy tub; vertical iron pipe holds the umbrella staff, is kept in position by rocks.

Bonsai stand is log section set on end with a concrete 12 by 12-inch stepping-stone. Design: Roy Rydell.

Wind Screen is a sheet of window glass set in a wooden frame cantilevered out beyond the sun deck and the house wall.

Screen tor trash can is rough-cut 1 by 6’s with 4 by 4-inch posts, and it is capped with 2 by 6’s.

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