Nepeta (Cat-mint)

Herbaceous plants mostly grown in the beds and bordera and on the rockery. They are of trailing habit with variegated leaves and blue flowers, which last nearly all the summer.

Plant from October to March in an ordinary soil in a sunny position. Some varieties may be grown as hanging plants in the cool greenhouse. Increase by division of the roots at planting time. Also, seeds may be sown in spring in the position where they are intended to flower.

Some of the best varieties for the amateurs garden are: N. macrantha, violet-blue. Height l-n ft.

N. mussini, lavender-blue with grey foliage. 1 ft.

N. Souvenir dAndre Chaudron, rich blue, dwarf habit.

Nothoscordum Bloomeria

A bulbous plant best grown in the borders or on the rockery.

Plant in autumn in a light, sandy soil, setting the bulbs apart and 3 in. deep. They like a warm, sunny position. Increase by offsets and treat as bulbs.

The several varieties bear yellow blooms on stems 1 ft. in height, the flowering period being July.

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