A nectarine fruit is a peach without the latter’s fluffy skin; its peel is smooth. It has all the tasty juiciness of the peach, and its cultivation is exactly similar. can be fruited well outdoors in reasonably mild districts, against a sunny fence or wall – one facing the south, or south-east, or southwest. It can also be grown in a sunny greenhouse, provided there is ample space for it close to the glass.

Ready for Use. Earliest ripening date outdoors is mid-July, variety John Rivers. Variety Lord Napier ripens in early August, and Rivers’ Orange in early September. These are the most suitable for planting outdoors against fence or wall fully exposed to the sun and sheltered from cold winds.

Lord Napier also does well in a greenhouse; others for this purpose include Early Rivers, ripe in late July; Humboldt,. in September.

Plants are obtainable as dwarf fan-trained trees; as fan trained with 2-ft. to 2 I-ft. stems or 3-ft. to 4-ft. stems; and as pot trees for a greenhouse.

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